Top 5 Air Conditioning Brands For Coral Gables Weather

Top 5 Air Conditioning Brands In Coral Gables

Top 5 Air Conditioning Brands In Coral Gables

With so many brands available for today’s consumer it becomes confusing as to which brand is best for our homes. For those living in Coral Gables air conditioning of homes and offices become strictly mandatory, thanks to the weather conditions prevailing there. The summers are extremely hot and humid while the winters are warm. For better functioning and proper cooling of your Coral Gables homes it is wiser to go in for an air conditioning from among the top brands.

Air conditioning does not simply mean cooling your homes. It is much more than that when it comes to the actual functioning part. An air conditioner is also responsible for filtering the germs and dust in the air, doing away with the hot air circulating within the rooms, humidification of air and the most important providing clean and pure air that is specially child friendly.

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Basically what an air conditioner does is absorb the air in the room and pass it through a refrigeration unit for cooling the air, post which the cool air is let back in to the air. Before selecting one of the Doral air conditioning brands people should consider a basic fact basis which the choice is to be made – the area to be cooled.

If you take a glance at the top 5 popular brands of air conditioning within Coral Gables, you can easily make out the brand names Trane, Rheem, Goodman, Carrier and Lennox having a strong brand presence and popularity among the consumers.

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Trane air conditioning is known to be one among the top 5 brands in Coral Gables. There is an array of models that is featured by the brand. The reason behind the brand being considered as top is because of its efficiency and functionality. Trane air conditioning comes with the great cooling capacity of 66,000 BTU to 190,000 BTU/ hour. BTU is the cooling efficiency unit called British thermal unit. Yet another factor that Trane is considered advantageous for is their high EER or energy efficiency rating value. The higher this value is the lower will be the cost of operation, they also known as very reliable and will prevent emergency ac repair in Coral Gables.

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Rheem is yet another popular brand in Coral Gables offering high quality technologically advanced air conditioning. The brand is known for their performance. In fact one of the series offered by Rheem – the JEC presents their customers with a seasonal rating of 18 EER. Technically Rheem has better qualities like service alerts, malfunction source alert, conservation of energy, comfort and reliability.

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Goodman air conditioning is for those households who have a budget to look at while buying the AC. Efficiency, conserving energy and performance makes secures them a place among the top 5 brands. Built in alerts, refrigerant free from chlorine and 10 year warranty for all functioning parts makes the brand highly popular.

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Carrier air conditioning is known for their comfort zone. Effectual air flowing technology, filters for dust, auto restart mode, auto swing mode, energy saving technology, rotary form of compressor and sleep mode features makes the brand more preferred.Carrier is knows for the taking indoor air quality very serious, it’s recommended to preform Coral Gables air duct cleaning before installing carrier unit.



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