Top 5 Tips to Help You Reduce Your Water Heating Bills


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, over 56% of homes’ energy goes to heating and cooling. What this means is that your HVAC unit has a huge impact on your energy consumption as well as utility bills. Maintaining an optimal heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit can make your home or business premises more energy efficient as well as increase the system dependability and longevity.

Saving on water heating can reduce your overall energy costs. Discussed below are top 5 tips that can help you reduce your water heating bills.

Clean the Sediment

Water usually contains dissolved minerals which settle at the bottom of the tank as sediment. With time, these mineral deposits accumulate thus slowing the heating process. This in turn drives your energy consumption up. Cleaning the sediment at least once every 3 months will help to improve the efficiency of your heating system as well as extend its lifetime.

Adjust the Setting of Your Thermostat

The best thing with investing in a programmable thermostat is that it enables you to adjust the temperatures of your HVAC system to suit your needs. Lowering the temperature on the water heater thermostat to 120 degrees can see you lower your heating bills considerably.

Use Insulation

Check for exposed hot water pipes and put tubular foam insulation around them. In addition, you can buy water heater tanks insulating kits at home improvement centers in your locality. Insulation is important because it reduces the standby losses when water is in the tank. When insulating, it’s recommended that you employ the services of a NATE-certified technician. This is crucial especially when dealing with gas water heaters since they require precise venting and combustion for safety.

Invest in Low Flow Fixtures

Older showerheads and faucets dating back to 1992 consume more than double as much water as the newer models. This is the main reason why the federal government requires that new faucets and showerheads to have low flow rates. Investing in low flow faucets and showerheads can help you save 25 to 60% on your water consumption. Reducing consumption of showering water will have a ripple effect of lowering your water heating bills.

Install Heat Traps

By installing heat traps on your water heater tank, you could be saving between $15 and $30 on your water heating bills. If you are investing in a new storage water heater, look for one that has heat traps. However, if you want to install heat traps in your existing tank, get in touch with a reputable and reliable HVAC company to help you in this task.

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