Tried and Tested Ways to Lower Your HVAC Operating Costs

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A HVAC system is a great investment in your home because it ensures you and your family, are enjoying the environment and comfort of your home. Especially during seasons of extreme climates like summer and winter, it is almost impossible to stay indoors without having a heating and cooling system installed.

Operating a heating, cooling and air conditioning unit can be a costly affair, but with these tried and tested ways discussed below, you can considerably lower the operation costs.

Invest in Programmable Thermostats

As a homeowner, you need to invest in programmable thermostats. Compared to the standard thermostats, programmable thermostat saves lots on energy consumption. This is because with a programmable thermostat, you can control various room temperatures based on the requirements which is not possible with a standard thermostat. For instance, if the guest room is not being used, you can minimize the heating or cooling of the room and this cuts on energy consumption.

Effectively Control the Outside Air

Depending on your local climate and the amount of air re-circulated in your house, effectively controlling the outside air can have huge benefits and enable you save loads of money on energy bills. Using outside air to cool your internal space instead of re-circulating air can be a great idea. To do this, you just need to effect changes in the Energy Management System (EMS) programming or make some alterations of the air dumper linkage settings.

Tune-Up Your HVAC System

Instead of waiting for your system to breakdown to call in HVAC experts, you can have them undertake tune-ups from time to time. Making small investments to improve your heating, cooling and air conditioning unit may significantly reduce power consumption in your home. For instance, have your filters replaced regularly or adding a condenser water thermostat are investments that can go a long way to help you save hundreds of dollars a year in energy cost.

Pipe and Duct Insulation

The purpose of insulation in your home is to prevent heat loss. The heat trapped within the insulated pipes and ducts is re-circulated within your house rather than being released to the outside. Use high R-value materials when doing the insulation and you will never regret it!

Minimize Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling are the two major activities that consume loads of energy. Monitoring these activities keenly and making the necessary adjustments where need be, can help you avoid skyrocketing energy bills. If for instance the chilled and hot water pumps are not in use, you should always shut them off.

These are some of the top ways that will boost energy savings in your home. It is good to communicate the same to your family members so that together you can enjoy quality indoor environment and comfort without spending loads of money on energy bills.

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